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A Compendium of the Catholic Faith


The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the Lord Thy God, thou shalt not have other gods besides Me.

  2. Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.

  3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day.

  4. Honor thy father and thy mother.

  5. Thou shalt not kill.

  6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

  7. Thou shalt not steal.

  8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.


The Two Great Commandments

  1. To love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength.

  2. To love thy neighbor as thyself.


The Six Precepts of the Church

  1. To attend Mass and refrain from sevile work on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

  2. To fast and abstain on the days appointed.

  3. To confess our sins at least once a year.

  4. To receive Holy Communion at least once during Eastertide.

  5. To contribute to the support of the Church and one's pastor.

  6. To observe the laws of the Church concerning marriage; not solemnize marriage at the forbidden times, nor to marry persons within the forbidden degrees of kindred, or otherwise prohibited, nor secretly.


The Eight Beatitudes

  1. Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. Blessed are the meek: for they shall posses the land.

  3. Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.

  4. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.

  5. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

  6. Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.

  7. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

  8. Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.


The Seven Last Words of Christ

  1. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  2. Amen I say to thee: This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.

  3. Woman, behold thy son. . . .Behold thy mother.

  4. Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani? [My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?]

  5. I thirst.

  6. It is consummated.

  7. Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.


The Seven Sacraments

  1. Baptism

  2. Confirmation

  3. Holy Eucharist

  4. Penance

  5. Matrimony

  6. Holy Orders

  7. Extreme Unction


Holy Days of Obligation observed in the North American Old Roman Catholic Church

  1. All Sundays of the Year

  2. The Feast of the Circumcision of our Lord

  3. The Epiphany of our Lord

  4. Ascension Thursday

  5. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  6. All Saints Day

  7. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

  8. The Feast of the Nativity of our Lord


Days of Special Observance in the North American Old Roman Catholic Church

  1. St Vincent of Lerins (May 24)

  2. The Proclamation of the Faith (August 5)

  3. St Augustine, Patron Saint of the Old Roman Catholic Church (August 28)

  4. Bestowal of the American Episcopate (October 4)

  5. Founding of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church (October 17)

  6. All Ultrajectine Luminaries and Notables (November 3)

  7. Arrival of the ORCC in America / St Willibrord (November 7)

  8. Blessed John van Ruysbroeck (December 2)

  9. The Preservation of the Church (December 29)


The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy

  1. To counsel the doubtful

  2. To instruct the ignorant

  3. To admonish the sinner

  4. To comfort the sorrowful

  5. To forgive all injuries

  6. To bear wrongs patiently

  7. To pray for the living and the dead


The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy

  1. To feed the hungry

  2. To give drink to the thirsty

  3. To clothe the naked

  4. To shelter the homeless

  5. To visit the sick

  6. To visit the imprisoned

  7. To bury the dead


The Three Eminently Good Works

  1. Prayer

  2. Fasting

  3. Almsgiving


The Three Theological Virtues

  1. Faith

  2. Hope

  3. Charity


The Three Evangelical Counsels

  1. Voluntary poverty

  2. Perpetual chastity

  3. Entire obedience


The Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost

  1. Wisdom

  2. Understanding

  3. Counsel

  4. Fortitude

  5. Knowledge

  6. Piety

  7. Fear of the Lord


The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost

  1. Charity

  2. Joy

  3. Peace

  4. Patience

  5. Benignity

  6. Goodness

  7. Longanimity

  8. Mildness

  9. Faith

  10. Modesty

  11. Continency

  12. Chastity


The Four Cardinal Virtues

  1. Prudence

  2. Justice

  3. Fortitude

  4. Temperance


The Seven Deadly Sins and their Contrary Virtues

  1. Pride...........................Humility

  2. Covetousness..........Liberality

  3. Lust.............................Chastity

  4. Anger..........................Meekness

  5. Gluttony....................Temperance

  6. Envy............................Brotherly Love

  7. Sloth...........................Diligence


Ways to Conquer the Seven Deadly Sins

In General: the practice of self-discipline, self-denial, detachment, and the recollection of God's Presence

  1. To conquer Pride: Cultivation of simplicity; seeking to be meek, lowly, and humble of heart, meditation upon our Lord's life.

  2. To conquer Anger: Practicing self-control; silence before speaking; signing the Cross; recognizing the possibilty of acts of violence; praying for others or self; rendering good for evil; kindness, patience, forbearance, forgiveness.

  3. To conquer Envy: Cultivating love, magnanimity, rejoicing in the joy or success of others.

  4. To conquer Covetousness: Caring little for earthly things; never hoarding; being generous to man and grateful to God, giving liberally to the Church and all good works, and sharing with others.

  5. To conquer Gluttony: Ruling our desires; being temperate and moderate; fasting at times; avoiding excess; taking less than desired.

  6. To conquer Lust: Cultivating purity in thought, word and deed; refusing to look at, speak or think of suggestive things; avoiding sources of temptation; regular habits; exercise; prayer; fasting; flight,in special bodily tmeptation; recognizing the awful consequences of lust.

  7. To conquer Sloth: Living by Rule; being with useful or profitable employment; doin our duties conscientiously to the best of our ability as in the sight of God, for God's Glory; taking proper rest or recreation, but resisting idleness or laziness; singing spiritual hymns and psalms as we work.


The Six Sins against the Holy Ghost

  1. Presumption

  2. Despair

  3. Resisting the known truth

  4. Envy of another’s spiritual good

  5. Obstinacy in sin

  6. Final impenitence


The Four Sins that Cry Out to Heaven for Vengeance

  1. Willful murder

  2. The sin of Sodom

  3. Oppression of the poor

  4. Defrauding laborers of their wages


The Divisions of Sin

  1. Original Sin

  2. Actual Sin

        a. Mortal

        b. Venial


The Three Conditions Necessary for Mortal Sin

  1. Grave matter

  2. Full knowledge

  3. Deliberate consent


The Nine Ways of Being Accessory to Anothers' Sins

  1. By counsel

  2. By command

  3. By consent

  4. By provocation

  5. By praise or flattery

  6. By concealment

  7. By partaking

  8. By silence

  9. By defense of the ill done


The Seven Stages of Sin

  1. Suggestion

  2. Pleasure

  3. Consent

  4. Act

  5. Habit

  6. Slavery

  7. Spiritual Blindness


Thirteen Reasons to Have Sorrow for Sin

  1. It grieves and offends God

  2. It is the yeilding to the Devil

  3. It brought about the fall of man

  4. It brought sorrow and suffering

  5. It caused the Death of Christ

  6. It separates us from God

  7. It crucifies Jesus Christ afresh

  8. It resists the Holy Ghost

  9. It ruins our character

  10. It deadens the conscience

  11. It prevents the working of Grace

  12. It imperils our immortal souls

  13. Because "the wages of sin is death.


Fourteen Reasons to Go to Confession

  1. It shows sorrow for sin

  2. It express the need of God's Grace

  3. It strengthens the will and character

  4. It increases the beauty of holiness

  5. It brings peace to the mind and the soul

  6. It keeps from presumption and pride

  7. It seeks pardon in God's appointed way

  8. It releases from eternal punishment

  9. It cleanses in the Blood of Christ

  10. It restores to a state of Grace

  11. It prepares the soul for death and judgment

  12. It shows Faith, Love and Repentance

  13. It marks the Cross in our lives

  14. It leaves nothing undone to ensure pardon


Three Marks of True Repentance

  1. In the heart........Contrition

  2. In the mouth.....Confession

  3. In the life.............Amendment


The Types of Grace

  1. Sanctifying Grace

  2. Actual Grace


The Three Parts of the Church

  1. The Church Militant          (Christians on Earth)

  2. The Church Expectant      (Christians in Purgatory)

  3. The Church Triumphant   (Christians in Heaven)


The Four Marks of the Church

  1. Unity              (One)

  2. Sanctity         (Holy)

  3. Catholicity    (Catholic)

  4. Apostolicity  (Apostolic)


The Four Pillars of the Catholic Faith

  1. The Apostles Creed

  2. The Seven Sacraments

  3. The Ten Commandments

  4. The Lord's Prayer


The Three Pillars of the Church's Authority

  1. Sacred Scripture

  2. Sacred Tradition

  3. Living Magisterium


The Three Munera (Duties of the Ordained)

  1. Munus docendi            (duty to teach, based on Christ's role as Prophet)

  2. Munus sanctificandi    (duty to sanctify, based on Chris's role as Priest)

  3. Munus regendi              (duty to shepherd, based on Christ's role as King)


The Three Levels of Reverence

  1. Dulia:   the reverence we give to Saints

  2. Hyperdulia:   the reverence we give to Mary as the greatest of Saints and Mother of God

  3. Latria:   the reverence and worship we give to God alone


The Three Powers of the Soul

  1. Memory

  2. Intellect

  3. Will


The Four Last Things (The Novissima)

  1. Death

  2. Judgement

  3. Heaven

  4. Hell


The Order of Creation

1st Day:     A dividing of light from darkness brings forth Heaven and a formless, water-covered Earth, then Light

2nd Day:   A dividing of the waters above from the waters below to create the Firmament of Heaven

3rd Day:    A dividing of the waters under the heavens to form dry land; then grass, herbs, and fruit trees

4th Day:    Sun, Moon and Stars

5th Day:    Creatures of the waters and of the air

6th Day:    Creatures of the land, then Man


The Nine Choirs of Angels

  1. Angels

  2. Archangels

  3. Principalities

  4. Powers

  5. Virtues

  6. Dominations

  7. Thrones

  8. Cherubim

  9. Seraphim


The Seven Archangels

We know the names of 3 of them from Scripture:

  1. Michael

  2. Gabriel

  3. Raphael


The Apocryphal Book of Enoch lists the other four:

  1. Uriel

  2. Raguel

  3. Sariel

  4. Jeramiel


The Twelve Tribes of Israel

  1. Reuben

  2. Simeon

  3. Levi

  4. Judah

  5. Zabulon

  6. Issachar

  7. Dan

  8. Gad

  9. Asher

  10. Naphtali

  11. Joseph (Menasseh and Ephraim)

  12. Benjamin


The Twelve Apostles

  1. Peter

  2. Andrew

  3. James the Greater

  4. John

  5. Phillip

  6. Bartholomew

  7. Matthew

  8. Thomas

  9. James the Less

  10. Jude

  11. Simon

  12. Judas (the Betrayer)

  13. Matthias (numbered as one of the Twelve after the death of Judas)


The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

  1. Jesus is Condemned to Die

  2. Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross

  3. Jesus Falls the First Time

  4. Jesus Meets His Mother

  5. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

  6. Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face

  7. Jesus Falls the Second Time

  8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

  9. Jesus Falls the Third Time

  10. Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

  11. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

  12. Jesus Dies on the Cross

  13. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

  14. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb


The Fifteen Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

The Joyful Mysteries

  1. Annunciation

  2. Visitation

  3. Nativity

  4. Presentation

  5. Finding Jesus in the TempleThe


Sorrowful Mysteries

  1. Agony in the Garden

  2. The Scourging

  3. Crowning with Thorns

  4. Carrying of the Cross5. Crucifixion


The Glorious Mysteries

  1. Resurrection

  2. Ascension

  3. Pentecost

  4. Assumption

  5. Crowning of Mary


The Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of Our Lady

  1. The Prophecy of Simeon ----- The Annunciation

  2. The Flight into Egypt ----- The Visitation

  3. The Loss of Jesus in the Temple ----- The Birth of Jesus

  4. The Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the Way of the Cross ----- The Adoration of the Magi

  5. The Crucifixion ----- The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

  6. The Taking Down of the Body of Jesus from the Cross ----- The Resurrection of Our Lord

  7. Jesus laid in the Tomb ----- The Assumption and Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph

  1. The doubt of Saint Joseph ----- The Message of the Angel

  2. The poverty of Jesus' birth ----- Jesus' Birth itself

  3. The Circumcision ----- The Holy Name of Jesus

  4. Simeon's prophecy that many would be lost ----- Simeon's prophecy that many would rise

  5. The flight into Egypt ----- The Overthrow of Idols

  6. The return from Egypt ----- Life with Mary and Jesus

  7. The loss of the Child Jesus ----- The Finding of Jesus in the Temple


The Fourteen Holy Helpers

  1. St. George, Martyr, April 23

  2. St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr, February 3

  3. St. Pantaleon, Martyr, July 27

  4. St. Vitus, Martyr, June 15

  5. St. Erasmus (Elmo), Bishop and Martyr, June 2

  6. St. Christopher, Martyr, July 25

  7. St. Giles, Abbot, September 1

  8. St. Cyriacus (Cyriac), Martyr, August 8

  9. St. Achatius, Martyr, May 8

  10. St. Dionysius (Denis), Bishop and Martyr, October 9

  11. St. Eustachius (Eustace), Martyr, September 20

  12. St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr, November 25

  13. St. Margaret of Antioch, Virgin and Martyr, July 20

  14. St. Barbara, Virgin and Martyr, December 4


The Seven Penitential Psalms

  1. Psalm 6

  2. Psalm 31

  3. Psalm 37

  4. Psalm 50

  5. Psalm 101

  6. Psalm 129

  7. Psalm 142


The Fifteen Gradual Psalms

  1. Psalm 119

  2. Psalm 120

  3. Psalm 121

  4. Psalm 122

  5. Psalm 123

  6. Psalm 124

  7. Psalm 125

  8. Psalm 126

  9. Psalm 127

  10. Psalm 128

  11. Psalm 129

  12. Psalm 130

  13. Psalm 131

  14. Psalm 132

  15. Psalm 133


Subjects For Daily Meditation

Remember Christian soul, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life:


God to glorify....Eternity to prepare for;

Jesus to imitate....Time to profit by;

The Angels and Saints to invoke....Neighbors to edify;

A soul to save...The world to despise;

A body to mortify....Devils to combat;

Sins to expiate....Passions to subdue;

Virtues to acquire....Death perhaps to suffer;

Hell to avoid....And judgment to undergo;

Heaven to gain.

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